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    Bad Fuel ? 2007 Speedster

    I really think I scrrewed up this time. Ran into some hard times and have not used my boat for 2 years. Only 12 hrs on clock. I left the fuel tank almost full. What is the best way for me to drain the tank and get this boat back on the water? I need to have it serviced as it was running rough at the end of the last year I used it, should I just let the boat mechanic deal with it? Thanks

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    You'll have to get a fluid pump, either electric or manual, stick the hose down the filler neck into the tank and pump out as much as you can. Those pumps are cheap, which is convenient, because they don't last long either. Since it's probably nasty 10% ethanol gas in there (thanks to our corrupt and idiotic government), your spark plugs may be fouled or rusted and in need of replacement. That has happened to me twice over the years. Give that a try, and hopefully you'll be good to go. Also, your battery might be on its last leg, if it hasn't been on a battery tender.

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    best would be to sell me the boat for cheap...LOL

    As suggested, get a small pump and get it all out, put new plugs in and try to start it.

    Good luck

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