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Thread: 1995 gtx seadoo

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    1995 gtx seadoo

    I have a 1995 Bombardier Seadoo GTX.Its gotta be some type of fuel problem. I could gas on it all the way and it would go and stop; go and stop. It finally got so bad that I could hold at full throttle and it would only go 15 mph. I went back to the boat ramp and changed spark plugs. It ran fine for 10 minutes and then it went back to stop and go stop and go... What are my options on what could be wrong with this? I didn't have this problem last year. Thanks for all input

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    Do you have the original grey tempo fuel lines?

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    Try changing out the spark plugs with new ones.

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    hello yes i do have grey lines just change them today thank you how would i know how to addujst low speed and high speed screw on the ski

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    dont touch them. they are set for the stock motor.

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    Did you dis-assemble and clean out the fuel selector? Many times I have had that exact syptom even after somebody has replaced fuel lines, and it turns out to be a partially clogged selector.

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    thank you for your help with high and low screws still need help i know airbotnexp said dont touch them but i did mess with them last year
    so i belive they need to be adjusted to

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    thank you for all your support you guys amazing

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    my .02 , clean those carbs since you had the grey lines. based on your description,..not enough fuel,oil injection ratio is fouling the plugs.(my opinion)

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    hello what kind rpm meter i need to adjust my rpms on the 1995 gtx seadoo thanks

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