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    **~*~93 & 94 xp 650's**~*~

    Hi is there anything i can do to make the rotax 650's run faster without upgrading to a bigger engine? How can i get a faster hole shot? How can i increase top speed?

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    If your mechanically inclined and understand how fuel and air ratio works then you could go with carbs rejet,flame arrestors, prop,just to start.then locate an aftermarket pipe and a cylinder head...

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    I agree with the above. If you want to go cheap, a stock 717 pipe makes a cheap upgrade to a 657. Rebuild the carbs so they are performing like new. You can unbolt the the stock head and have it milled about .025 to bump compression up a bit. Also don't forget the stickers, that always helps performance. lol

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    open flame arrestors, re-jet and a prop. oh and a racing stripe( good for atleast 5 h.p.)

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