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    Smile Does the msx110 intercooler plug up like the msx150 when too much oil??

    I cant find much on these weber engines as far as trouble spots other than overfilling with oil causes msx150 to bog .Looking at intercooler on msx110 it doesnt look like the 150 does it still clog OK So now I can answer my own question same engine same intercooler,no room to see anything!! I know people who are very familar with weber engines get very tired of answering the same questions,However I have checked the links that work for me and no where can I find the oil filter on this 2004 msx110 with weber engine,I see what it looks like on a parts diagram but I could use a little help,I can pull a yamaha 1200 stinger or 800 with my eyes closed in and can change any yamaha or kawa 4 stroke filter in a flash but this weber looks more like my neighbors nissan 480hp GTR please how do I get to oil filter?in 2004msx110 Thanks ??sorry but search doesnt help much and only a handful of weber pwc were soldin east texas thanks>Marvin

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    well finally got links to work,so in response to my own question,OK I know where the oil filter now is,I found it first try this morning before link opened, I just couldnt believe it could possibly be that small!My husquarvarna lawn mower filter is twice the size so anyone who comes across one of these msx 110/150 Who live in area like southeast texas where not many snowmobiles or sleds as I see them called run around and there is just about the same amount of weber engined 4 stroke pwc at least in my area.hence the lack of knowledge as the local polaris dealer and local tractor dealer are one and the same do you think those good ole boys in size 58Wide coveralls like working on pwc???In fact just as soon as 2009 came along they refuse to repair or accept pwc they sold for repair!!!Thank the lord for guys like you all here on the green H I appreciate all the help>Marvin

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