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    2001 Polaris Genesis Help!

    Hello everyone, I am new here and looking forward to meeting/talking with everyone. I just purchased a 2001 polaris Genesis 1200 with fuel injection. It does not run. Actually it has no spark and no fuel! I think it is the EMM, as it showed some corrosion and signs that it may have been submerged. I pulled it off, used contact cleaner on the connections and it didn't make a difference. Battery is pushing 12.5 volts, but will not produce spark or fuel pressure. I was hoping based on this I could isolate it possibly to the EMM. The gauges work, and the ski has 130 hours on it. The fuel pump does not engage when cranking as well. The ski is in overall good shape minus the obvious listed issue. I didn't realize when I purchased the Jet Ski, that the EMM was so expensive. I was hoping to buy a replacement to test and see if it was the actual problem, but it is an expensive part to purchase and then not be the problem. Is there anything else that could cause the problem? Also the TPS was replaced by me right away, it didn't make a difference.

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    Make sure the Reset buttons are not popped up. They are actually circuit breakers. Check for battery power at the fuel pump connector (there is a locking tab on that connector), and 12 volts at the EMM 8-pin wire harness connector (Red/Purple).

    Does the MFI display work?

    You say you think it was submerged. Have you looked inside the wire harness connectors for signs of corrosion?

    If your EMM is indeed the problem, there is a company that repairs them. See my signature links for more info.

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