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    96 700 slt engine stopping

    i have a polaris 70oslt that starts ok but when you get it up to speed and try to give it full throtle it dies ,like someone pushes the stop button . it has new pistons and i checked the gas lines and cleaned the carbs. where else should i look?

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    Why were the pistons changed? What is the measured clearance between pistons and cylinders (before they were installed)?

    Were the carburetors actually taken apart and internally cleaned? What settings are you using for the adjustment screws?

    Checked the gas lines - how? How old are they? What about the fuel selector valve and fuel filter?

    What is the cylinder compression?

    When you go full throttle, how long does it run for on the water before it stops?

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    i dont know why the pistons were changed but i think 1 was burnt

    the carbs were taken apart but i didnt touch the adjustment screws all 4 are turned as far as they can go or as low as they can be

    i took the gas lines off and blew from my mouth. the gas lines are a few months old

    i will check compression

    after full throtle it dies within 5 to 10 seconds

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    no compression

    after checking my compression one cylinder was 145 and the other was 0 . when i removed the cylinder it looked like whoever put new pistons in didnt put the c clip in tight on the pin and it scored up the cylinder and piston. if i put a new piston and cclinder on do i need to take the engine all the way out ? how do i adjust the carb jets ?

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    No, you don't have to take the engine all the way out as long as the rods are ok. You can take the piston jug off. Although, it wouldn't be a bad idea (depending on the damage) to take the engine out as you may have shards of metal in your crankcase that need cleaned out.

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