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    Front Cylinder not firing on GPR1200

    Ive tested the spark strength and its on pare with the back two. The compression is the same as the back two. And Ive pulled the carbs (that I JUST rebuilt with mikuni rebuilds) and it looks perfect. The only thing that caught my attention was that the diaphragm was just about dry where as the others were moist with fuel. But really im stuck and havent found anything thats telling me exactly why it isnt running on the front cylinder. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    try firing it up at night to see if plug wire breaking down,if OK -time to remove carb's again


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    The carbs off right now, im just tryin to get ever angle looked at before i put them back b/c its such a PITA to get them off.

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    did you clean the small fuel filters in each carburator, also did you check the reed valves on each cyl also?

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    The small filters are all new and have been checked again. I did not check the reeds, Ill take a look at them.

    The converter did dislodge and get stuck in the pipe, would it be possible it effected the probe sensor on the chamber? Could that send it into some kind of limp mode?

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    Any updates on this issue?

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