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Thread: 93' waverunner

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    93' waverunner

    i have a pair of 93' waverunners (650's) that were brought to me by someone who already started trying to fix them. They both have the same problem which is not reving up correctly.I have checked fuel supply and been through carbs.They seem to b fine, pulled hose off exhaust and it doesnt seem to b restricted, it is firing on both cylinders..It just still acts like some sorta restriction to me, any ideas, i feel like I'm over looking something.. it really feels like its not hitting the rev. limiter either

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    check the filters in the tank for flow, and also the primay filter in line...
    verify the age of your fuel..(always good for a few engines every year) ..
    check for excessive impeller wear (excessive holeshot rpms not not matching power applied or speeds 650's attained..)

    lastly and is not all uncommon for this size ski and especially if bought in pairs.....verify they were not originaly rentals, resold with fixed cdi limiter's still in operation or with a mechanical means to limit throttle rotation...( ski rental facillitys use them to limit speed and hp output)
    ... my 2 cents

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