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    Cavitation issue...solved...I hope

    I am new to Sea Doo ownership...I bought a 2005 GTX Wake 155. It was running fine, but after coming in near shore, it began to shudder around 4500 rpm. I reached underneath and found a piece of sea grass stuck in the bottom, and pulled it free. The shuddering stopped, but now, when I accelerated, it acted like a car on a patch of gravel, high revs, a whooshing noise, and eventuatlly, it would get "traction" and start moving, but max speed was about 5-6 mph below previous.

    So after figuring out how to get into the impeller area, I found some sticks and pine needles in there...

    I removed these, but seriously, are these enough of an impediment to smooth flow to cause this problem, or should I be looking at something else?

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    Yes these will cause exactly the problems you described..the smallest of twigs will do this..clean them all out and inspect the wear ring to make sure you didnt mess it should be good to go after that..

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    Thanks...I'll give it a try this week. There are several scratches, and a small gouge in the wear ring on the area of the ring forward of the impeller, but I don't know if those were there when I bought it or not. The clearance between the blades of the impeller and the area where they are near the wear ring looks to be around the thickness of a business card...which I'm pretty sure is good...right?

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