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    93 sl750 hard to start

    Back again guy's and gal's, My wife and I took our skies out this afternoon for the first time this season. Both ran good, my wife has a sea doo and I have the polaris. My wife's ski starts good but the polaris (after it is warmed up is slow to start). I think I might Know what the problem is but I thought I might ask my friend's on the forum if I'm looking at the right thing. I installed carb. kits on all three carb's two years ago and the ski seems to run ok the plugs are alittle wet. I would rather them be wet then dry but it take's excessive cranking before it fires. I'm thinking that the low speed jet is adjusted to rich could this be the problem?

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    An air leak in any of the fuel lines can cause a hard starting condition. also, air bubbles in the fuel can allow a little leaking around the needle and seat.


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    When it is slow to start, try priming the engine with a squirt of fuel down each carb throat. Does it then start right away?

    Need to figure out if it is starving for fuel or flooded, or something else.

    How long does it need to sit before it becomes hard to start?

    If you undo the gas cap after running the engine for a while is there a big release of pressure?

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