for sale 2006 rxt drive shaft (prop shaft)
in good clean condition.

throttle body good clean condition $120

reverse bucket $80

exhaust j-pipe in mint condition $80

cams with 6hrs usage, in mint condition $200

complete supercharger freshly rebuilt using riva washers and bearings $220

complete head with valves,springs, guides ect ect $500

stock intercooler $50

guage cluster $120

thermostat housing complete $40

lower cases compete in mint condition $900

crank with 27hrs use in mint condition $700

stock pistons and rods complete 27 hrs use $400

stock fuel pump $100

stock gold mirrors (pair) $100

all parts are including shipping to your door. these are paypal payment only, they are not fixed prices so if you want to hagle then go ahead but dont be silly with your offers
there will be more parts added soon so keep looking or if there is anything you need please ask
pm me your responses guys