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    06 GTX SC, What can I do?

    My GTX SC is totally stock except for OPAS Blockoffs, and I had the Supercharger rebuilt with the 08 rebuild kit last year. I would like to start working on a few mods that would get me a bit more speed/acceleration .

    I know, I know, I know, I should just buy an RXT, but I really would rather do a few small things to the GTX now and get an RXT in a few years. I know it would take a lot to get this ski up to 70, thats not really my goal, I would be happy with 65 or 66, it does around 60-62 now.

    Where should I start with the GTX? I don't really want to change out the ECU, but I am game for anything other than that.

    I've heard a good place to start is to change out the air intake, but I have also heard if you do that and the ski gets flipped over your chances of water ingestion are a lot higher.

    I was also thinking about changing out the SC impeller, but I am not sure how well that would work on the 185hp engine since the SC gear and the flywheel have more teeth.

    Just looking for advice on where to start....

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    The 4 areas where you can find the most gains are:

    Air Intake

    Skoepp and jpeconsult have goods threads about modding the GTX 185

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