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    We have a 1996 polaris jet ski. Last summer we tried to start it on the water and it would not, so we jump started it and off we went. About half way through the day, the engine started smoking and caught on fire!! Needless to say, after getting the seat off, the electrical harness attatched to the electiral box had melted! Two questions... can this be fixed and if so, how do we go about getting a new electrical box/harness and second question is this.... could this be the reason it did not want to start and did we cause this problem ourselves by jump starting the jet ski

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    My guess is that the plastic cover over the battery was loose or missing, and the battery shorted out against the metal shell of the electrical box.

    It is important to have the battery properly installed and strapped down, and the plastic cover over the battery.

    You can find replacement wire harnesses and other parts from sellers like John Zigler and eBay.

    I expect you will find the wire bundle running to the magneto stator at the front of the engine has been fried. That means replacing the stator which is inside the flywheel.

    You also need to look inside the electrical box for damage. You may need to replace wires in there. Every single wire is important, so check everything for damage.

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    And buy a new battery, good quality

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    You mention you have a 1996 PWC, but never mention the model.

    Are you mechanically inclined, and do you have an sssortment of tools to do the repairs yourself?

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