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Thread: Plug Gapping

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    Plug Gapping

    The manual for the Pro says 24 to 28 on the Gap. which is better? Or is that just the "slop" you can have and it runs the same? What gap do you run? 24 or 28? Thats on a NGK BPR_8ES plug.

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    There is no range on the plug gap - its .028 for the pro785 2000 model. BPR series is what I was running on the 900 domestic, you should be running BR9ES on the pro according to factory spec. I don't know a lot about firing projection but my limited understanding is that the BPR series plugs are more suited to lower compression applications, and will almost certainly affect performance it is also a slightly hotter plug than the 9 series. I'm sure someone more tech savvy on this subject can chime in here.

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    i'm not an expert here(jet skis) but i will tell you we run the upper limit of the plug gap range on our race bikes that way we get the biggest spark possible now the problem with that is if you have a weak coil you may get misfires at high rpm ranges as the coil has less and less time to build up a field not a big problem if you have a good capacitor

    so my advice would be to run at the upper limit of the spark plug range to get the most spark and the cleanest burn from your air fuel mixture now if you start getting a stumble or high rev misses back it down a hair or make sure your your coils wires, and plugs are all in top notch condition before backing it down

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