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    Exhaust Temp Harness

    08 215SCIC

    Finished the ceramic swap and started the engine and it threw a chk engine light. Checked everything and realized at some point the harness was unplugged. It was too late to tackle and trouble shoot. I'll hook it up this morning and see if the code clears now that the circuit is closed.

    Does the ECU read the Exhaust Gas Temp as one of the critical parameters, thus the reason it flashed the dummy light. Sounds like it is running a little rough too. Not sure where else to go. God help me if I need to resort to the dealer !

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    It does not read the actual EGT from the engine but it does have a temperature sensor in the waterbox. I did this once, forgot to plug it in. A little sputtering and a check engine light. Plugged it in and all was well again.

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