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    DJSA 2011 Race 2 May 15, 2011 - Camp Far West - Wheatland, CA

    Mark your calendar for DJSA Race 2 next Sunday May 15th at Camp Far West - Wheatland, CA or watch LIVE @ Look for us on Facebook as DJSARacing. Send Facebook messages and we'll comment on them during the broadcast.

    additional info courtesy of Jim Lambert:

    DJSA 2011 Outlaw Point SeriesSeries Race #2
    Sunday / May 15th, 2011
    Camp Far West Lake - north shore

    8176 Camp Far West Rd
    Wheatland, Calif, 95692
    (530) 633-0803

    Lakeside camp sites are available in "jet ski cove" for the event
    Reg will be open at 7:30 Sunday morning
    Reg will close promptly at 9:30am.

    Pre-reg requests are now being accepted for startline positions.
    If you raced at race-1, all I need from you is an email stating what classes you are running, your boat, and race #. I will print out your entries for you. Otherwise please download an entry form from and zap it to me so I can get it on the class rosters. Pre-reg entries and request will be taken up until Friday 5/13/10 at 8pm.

    Please email all notes of intent or completed entry forms to

    650’s and X2’s are $40 (If you use Paypal - use the 650/X2 link for the $40 payment.)
    All other classes are $50
    All late entries on race day are $60 for all classes.
    (All classes run 3 heats - 3rd heat breaks any ties.)

    * A few people have been “forgetting” to pay for 2nd classes on race day. Our prices are already rock bottom low for 3 heats of racing. Please help us to keep it this way and remember to bring an extra $20 or two to registration if you are running additional classes. Your help with this is greatly appreciated by me and the reg staff!!!

    Paypal payments help me out and speed things up on race day, but they are not as important as the entry forms!!! As of this posting, startline positions will be based on the “pre-reg” race. I need an entry form for each class you race so if you're running extra classes - you need to let me know what they are!

    Tentative schedule -
    730am to 930 – registration open
    830 to 915 – standup practice by class with safety staff on the water
    915 to 1000 – practice closed
    930 – registration closes
    1015 – mandatory riders meeting / roll call
    1050 – National Anthem
    1100 – 1st round of heats
    1230pm – Junior Time Trials / Freestyle exhibition by the Ski Clinic Team
    100 – 2nd round of heats
    230 – xtreme 550 all out / or Junior Time Trials Face Off / Freestyle exhibition
    300- 3rd round of heats
    430 – Racing complete – scoring – course pulled
    530 – Awards on site

    Tentative Running Order
    1) X2 Army
    2) 650 open standup
    3) 750 and under open standup
    4) 800 and under novice stand / legends 800 open
    5) 800 Runabout
    6) Sport Sit 1200 gp open
    7) 850 expert intermediate open standup
    Sprint Sit 1350 open
    9) FAST Stand GP open expert
    10) SCXP Supersit expert
    The computer now recognizes racers running extra classes and sets the schedule to avoid a racer having to run back to back heats. The final schedule will be announced at the riders meeting.

    550 xtreme all out -
    If there are 4 or more entries for the 550 xtreme all out - we’ll run it.
    If not we’re going to have to do a little recruiting! If you want it, we’ll run it, but the interest has got to be there

    Time permitting –
    We will run junior time trials during one of the breaks.
    Any junior standup racer, age 11 to 16, will run a portion of the course for time.
    The 2 fastest times of the day will face off for an additional lap to determine an overall winner.
    All juniors running will score points in order of how they finish.
    Points will be tracked throughout the season for the end of the year awards.
    Parents must be present, and waivers must be signed on site when the event is announced.
    This class is limited to 850 and under standups only.

    Important -
    8" (or larger) visible race numbers are required on every ski.
    If a race number is duplicated - one racer will add initial of last name
    Unreadable numbers will not be scored – so call Lil D at DK1 for a graphics kit!!!
    No numbers - no tow loop - no racing – no exceptions!

    Beach starts on the band -
    Start position determined by pre-reg order and race director designation
    All others will be randomly assigned.
    Holders allowed - but ALL holders are required to be wearing a helmet, eye protection, pfd, and footwear. No exceptions.
    Standups - engines running / Sitdowns - dead engine lemans

    Fueling –
    Fueling lakeside on stands is permitted ONLY when using absorbent fuel pads which are available at registration.
    Violations of this request will result in all racers having to pull their ski all the way out of the water to fuel.
    Please don’t blow a good thing. Use the pads, and caution, be responsible, and we’ll be good to go.

    Pit Vehicles –
    Pit vehicles are ONLY allowed on Jet Ski Point and cannot be used for trips up to the store on paved roads. You can ride up the dirt road adjacent to the paved parking lot and someone can run into the store for you, but they cannot be operated or parked on the pavement. All pit vehicles must be operated at 5mph or less. Any reckless operation will result in pit vehicles being prohibited at the site. Again, please be responsible and let’s not blow a good thing.

    Scoring -
    The DJSA closed course points scale will now mirror the IJSBA points scale however our points apply only to the DJSA series.
    1st – 60, 2nd- 53, 3rd – 48, 4th – 43, 5th – 39, 6th – 36, 7th – 33, 8th – 30,
    9th – 27, 10th- 24, 11th -22, 12th -20, 13th – 18, 14th – 16, 15th – 14.

    Course –
    Everyone dug the right hand course at Parker – so we’re going to try a right hander with a split start, 2 different course splits, and of course – the penalty “walk of shame” buoys.

    Please remember -
    One Ski length safe zone rule in effect at all times – no exceptions
    100 ft yield rule in effect at all times – no exceptions
    Penalty buoys will be in place - NO CIRCLEING BACK TO MAKE UP BUOYS!
    Penalty buoys are to be taken at NO WAKE SPEED or you will have to do it again…
    Reckless or negligent racing are grounds for leaving early.
    Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind is an invite to leave early.
    No alcohol permitted until the END of the race day.
    All racers must be 18 years of age unless accepted into djsa internship
    ALL RACERS must have proof of current medical insurance available.

    Racing hard and racing fast will always have my admiration, but racing clean, and racing safe while watching out for your fellow brother and sister on the race course - will always have my total respect...

    I am waiting to hear back from CFW about a group rate for camping on site.
    I think last year it was $20 a night but I am checking on that.

    Comfort Suites and Motel 6 in nearby Marysville were both offering discounts to DJSA racers last year. I am waiting to hear from them about rates for this race.

    Comfort Suites
    1034 N.Beale Rd
    Marysville, Ca
    (530) 742-9200

    Motel 6 Marysville #4363
    803 E Street
    Located right on Highway 70
    Marysville, CA, 95901
    Phone: (530) 743-5465

    2 words for all you Outlaws…
    “Let’s Race!”

    If you have any questions, please give me a call.
    Otherwise - I look forward to seeing you all there... drive safe!!!

    Jim Lambert

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    The broadcast will be using Ustream TV's site and a unique URL (address) for the 2011 races is shown below. No login or passwords are necessary (unless you wish to participate in chat sesions, then you will need to setup an ID).

    To watch Ustream live and recorded videos, you will need to have flash installed, if you can watch Youtube or most videos on the internet, most likely you have it installed already, if download Adobe Flash.

    A chat feature will be available so people can "virtually" cheer you on.

    Note: Depending on the 3G/4G signal, all races may not be able to broadcast. Camp Far West signal tested on 5/7/2011 and there was a strong enough signal, but the connection may be lost based on environmental variables. It should shortly re-connect,.

    WebSite Address:
    Feel free to post this to Facebook or email to family and friends.

    Go to the Apps Store and search for Ustream. Download the free Ustream App. After installation, do a search for DJSA 2011 or mavrick816 or jetski race and you should pull up the race. *** Some folks were having issues during the last broadcast with the Ustream Viewer, but this was due to the Application still being buggy. The main symptom was searching for the race and not being found. Try the BROWSER and see if you can find the Live Broadcast.

    Go to the Marketplace and search for Ustream. Download the free Ustream App. After installation, do a search for DJSA or mavrick816 or jetski race and you should pull up the race.

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