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    Stator / Rectifier

    So I know my rectifier is toast as I did the unplug red wire thing and she ran great. Plug red wire back in, runs like crap.

    I read a post here before where someone said if the rectifier went there is a good chance the stator went along with it and to look for discoloration of the gray epoxy coating on the windings.

    Here are some pics of my stator. Is it good or bad? I cant see any discoloration.....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks fine to me ---- Wipe of any metal frags
    from the Sensor

    What engine is this from ?
    I might have some specs. to check the Ohm readings

    Rectifiers go bad but seldom take the Magneto
    with it unless you have a dead short to ground
    and fry the Magneto wiring

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    looks like a 787

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    Yep its a 787.

    Thanks for the help but I finally got her running well today.

    I bought the ski from a guy who had the motor rebuilt but could not get it to run right.
    After tearing it all apart I found he had put the mag cup on one bolt hole off. After correcting that she runs awesome. It was just a coincidence it ran better with the red wire unplugged...

    I would not have figured it out without researching alot of posts on this forum.

    Thanks again forum members.

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    having similar problem, where is the rectifier located on a 787?

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    Its in the grey box under the front hood. After you crack open that case look for a small square box held in by two bolts on each side. It has three yellow and one red wire coming out. Unplug red and if you get your RPMs back replace the rectifier.
    I also read that metal shavings from your starter bendix can short the stator to ground and blow your rectifier as they share the same cavity. It would be best to remove your mag cover and clean it out before replacing the regulator if you find it to be bad.

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    My rectifier looks good but I am having similar symptoms. What about that thin black wire that is connected to the battery post. I heard I need to inspect it to make sure its not cracked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cfnnslsq View Post
    ...After tearing it all apart I found he had put the mag cup on one bolt hole off.....
    Please explain the "one bolt hole off". I'm not familiar with that phrase. (Or do you mean timing adjustment left or right??) I've got a 787 that was torn apart and put back together. Still not running correctly. Thanks!

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