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    why does my seadoo have a valve on the waterbox?

    My first seadoo, 4th pwc currently owned and don't understand. Does it have to be there is it the same as the ones on the motor? Someone enlighten me please.

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    its not a rave valve its a jet to keep the waterbox from melting down

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    Actually it is a double function valve. It has a jet that injects water into the waterbox for cooling, but its main purpose is to inject water into the exhaust pipe to change the effective tuning. At slow speeds, it injects a large amount into the exhaust, but when you increase the RPM, it injects less water into the pipe. If you remove this valve, not only will you burn up the exhaust system as Airborne says, it will also make it run like crap because the water needs to be in the pipe in the proper amount to change the tuning over RPM.

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    Thanks for the info!!! Now can someone explain how the red rad valve adjustment on the engine. I pulled the cap off one and it didn't have a spring in it. The guy I bought this ski from said it had a dead cylinder could that be a reason ? Could I actually have bought into some luck and this be the only problem? Does this model (96 xp 800) have a history of my problem. Is "Ricky Stator" still in business? that company repaired my Zxi stator years ago before I put total loss on it but since it fires on one that may not be it, The cdi is my next thought but this discovery and recovery is just beginning I think
    I bought this ski for hardly any money and it could be nice again but I dont know seadoos so any help would be great.

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    The rave valves on the exhaust manifold open to increase the height of the exhaust port so evening and broadening a 2 stroke power band.

    On your ski i think they are powered by exhaust gas manifold pressure which pushes against the spring (that is missing in your ski). Without the spring the rave will be open all the times and motor will run like crap. Cylinder want be dead though - it will accelerate badly but eventually will teach the same top speed as with the spring.

    I no this for sure because i tried mine with no springs in - just to make sure the raves were opening fully - ski bogs down but after about 3/4 throttle is fine

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    Ok so next thought is the cdi and/or coils any recommendations on aftermarket parts?

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    Oh! and who do you like dealing with for seadoo parts?

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    aftermarket coils aren't too popular, I think msd makes one though.. What ski are we talking about? Id just get another OEM if somethings wrong with yours. No idea what ski your talking about but if its a 96 xp the cdi is in the gray box up front its the little black box with the bracket over it.

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    that sounds like something my ski is doing right now, it will bog down and slowly it works itself back to normal after about 3/4 throttle? can some please tell me where to look for these valves and what to check for? Thank you

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    rave valves are the 2 black caps on the top of the motor, cant miss em. Easy as cake to take apart too, pull the wire clamp off it pop it off and check the red rubber for cracks etc.

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    alright i'll check that tomorrow and let you know what i find

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