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    Interesting quandry.....

    So I was talking to an individual who has a couple of Pro 785's along with a few other skis and he raced them years back. He's gotten out of racing and he still has these skis. He had more 785's and sold them. What he has left is interesting. He has one 98 race ski that was converted back to use high octane gas. The other is a 98 ski that has never been cranked or registered. That ski was a spare to provide parts for his other 785's. It was like it was purchased and used to cannibalize. The exhaust valves are missing but other than that, the engine compartment is whole. Dirty from the years of sitting outside, but that compartment looks good. The outside is a different story. It sat outside most all of its life so the seat cover is gone and water collecting in the footwells made for a moldy site along with floor mats. The handlebar pad is crap as well. Paint is faded as well. I'm curious as to the opinions of the Hulk members of if I should offer the guy anything for the it. What say you???

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    Depends on what's missing.

    Was it prepped for extended storage prior to sitting?

    Body parts aren't plentiful for the PRO.

    Why not make an offer on the running ski?

    BTW, what's the guy's name?

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    13 year old engine that has never been run? The engine might be just fine, or it could be internally aged/rusted.

    Crank shaft seals may need replacing, for example.

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    If you knew the condition of the crankshaft, that would help imensely. but being almost new inside, it may be worth just to have it in terms of all the parts. or buy a running engine and swap it in. Valves might be a lil tough to find.

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    Yeah, it really does scare me since rubber does have a shelf life. Along with the actual condition of the internals. Who knows how much I would need to get to really get these going good again. Never really got into if the engine was pickeled for long term storage. I will go see him again just to get more of the stories and specifics of them.

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    If the price is right it may be worth your time and efforts. Pro 785's are fun skis to ride and really don't require a ton of work when setup correctly. Don't worry about finding parts for a Pro.. There are still alot of resouces to finding them.

    Good luck and if the price is right I would buy them..
    I would pay around $800-$1000 for the two skis

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