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    Challenger 180 vs 180 Sterndrives

    I wondering if any one has ever had the chance to compare a 3.0 or a 4.3 sterndrive to a challenger 180?

    Choppy Lake Handleing?
    Engine Noise- Can talk with out yelling while operating Challenger 180?
    Fuel Consumption?
    Cost Of Maintenance? I work on my own stuff.

    I have an old sportster with a 657x and thinking about another boat. My 657x is really loud and beats me to death in the chop. I want something thats quiet and can handle some 3ft chop. I really like the jet drive boats but wondering if a stern drive would be a better boat for the lake. My boat has 3 people on it most of the time. I would like to carry up to 5 people.

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    Well your at the lake out in the elements(wind noise) and running above idle you always going to have excessive noise,as far as comparisons? They are two totally different animals . The stern drive has the exhaust through the drive IMO if you want to go fast and have a conversations then maybe you need a pontoon boat

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    As long as it not as loud as my 657x. I was on a supra last summer and the noise level was a lot lower. I'm hoping to hear wind sound and not just the engine making my ears ring. So if the sound level of a stern is about the same as the 180 changler im ok with it.

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    stern drive is going to be quieter, assuming you have thru prop exhaust, and get better gas mileage,but probably be slower. even on newer larger jetboats the engine is almost silent but you can hear the water shearing through the pump.

    the bigger the boat the better it will handle chop. regardless of the drive.

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    Having own a 2005 Challenger 180 i can tell you is noisy, well definitely better than your old 2 stroke jetboat, even quieter than a 2 stroke v6 utopia, but still.....never as quiet as an inborad stern drive. Fuel consuption is still on the high side for a small boat, another point that the stern drive does better also. But....where the C180 shines is the inner space layout a lot more spacious, and much more a sun-fun boat for kids to play safe around it, no impeller to watch out for when going in -out, no worries when going into shallow water to broke an expensive stern drive too.....but then again if you load the boat with 5+ person, you will find out that the Challenger 180 is really missing a lot of horsepower, at least it will take much more time to pull out of the water, when on plane it will be ok, but really harder to get out of water.

    The C180 is a very nice family boat, but that's not the best boat money can is one of the good ones though.

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    -Chop would probably go to the stern drive
    -I don't find my C180 overly loud but the stern drive would be quieter.
    -Fuel consumption is pretty good.
    -Cost of maintenance would be way less in the C180. Many less moving parts.
    -C180 handles well with up to 6 peeps. I would never carry the 8 peeps its rated for.
    -Gotta disagree about the time to plane with lots of peeps. With 6 in the boat I can still pull up a slalom skiier in about 3 seconds.

    I hate stern drives. Gotta deal with trim and shallow water probs and way more maintenance.

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