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    Charging Battery while connected inside the waverunner

    Is it safe to charge the battery while connected inside the waverunner? One of the screws rusted, despite several attempts can not get the battery out. Hoping to save the cable and $ and not have to pay someone to remove it.

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    Sure that is fine.

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    How old is the battery?

    Disconnect the ground/black/negative battery cable before charging - that is the safe method for charging while in the hull.

    If the battery has a vent nipple, connect it to the battery vent hose before charging. The battery may vent gas or acid during charging, and the vent hose directs it out of the hull.

    Even after charging, if the battery is old or has been left sitting without a charge, then the battery probably has little remaining life.

    Do not use a high Amp automotive charger on these small PWC batteries. A 2 Amp charge rate is plenty - full charge should happen in maximum 12 hours.

    And monitor the battery during charging. If the battery gets hot or is rapidly bubbling inside, then either the charger is overcharging the battery or the battery has gone bad internally. (or both)

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    The battery is new, thanks I'll give it a try.

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    also pull the bungs out
    as the battery gasses are heavy and will fall to the bottom of the hull
    and they can be explosive

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