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    Problem getting seat bar back in after installing air intake on 2010 RXTX

    I have been able to get everything installed from the Power Air Intake from Riva with the heat shield. My only problem is getting the cross bar to line back up for the bolts. I went around the antifreeze box with the Kana Flex, but still seems like it just needs another half an inch. does anyone have any pics of the way they routed the hose? Took my a while to get the flange on the supercharger, so really don't want to take that back off again. Any help would be great.


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    I made my own kit similar to the riva. I had to route the kana flex under the intake manifold to get it to work. Antifreeze bottle got in the way otherwise. I will shoot some pics tomorrow.

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    Yeah I went under the intake manifold but had to cut away some of the foam to make room for it, sadly my 4 inch intake made no gain over stock, I even went back to stock twice to make sure. Its interesting that I have more mid range punch with stock air intake than I did with the 4inch. I have the RS model so it wasnt being held back by speed limiter.

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    Thanks for the info. After looking it over and over tonight that is the same thought I had. Pics would be great...thanx

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    I was able the turn the antifreeze metal clamp the other way so it wasn't poking into the hose, and cut off a tip tie and it gave me the room to get that cross bracket back on. Thanks for the help.

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