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    engine alignment tips with addicted style midshaft

    Can anybody give me some tips or help on installing the engine with the addicted style midshaft? I have been tweaking and looking at it for days and it does not seem right to me. I have the mid shaft bracket not bolted in and can slide the propshaft right into it. The problem occurs when i try to screw down the bearing housing-- something is out of whack. Any tips or help would be awesome. Thanks!

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    Cody, It sounds like you need to make a shim the thickness between the hull and the mid shaft bearing mount (make sure you use sealer between them)... I had to do this with my old set up.

    However, I hated having to undo the grate bolts every time I wanted to pull the shaft out, so I have now done the below set up made from a 10mm thick alluminium plate. Works a treat and just did a 26min race at WOT without any issue, and it allows everything to allighn it self.

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    this is what you need, if he still has them

    takes just a few minutes to align the motor with this

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    ok- so does anybody have a sbt alignment tool or addicted's mount up i can rent, buy, or borrow? Addicted- do you have any alignment plates left? thanks

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    Every hull is slightly different, your engine may be alligned, but the problem might be the distance between the centre line of the shaft to where the bearing is mounted to the hull... this is why either a shim needs to be made up, or go to a free floating bearing.

    IMO the alighnment tool isn't needed, you're pump/drive shaft can be used to align everything (there is a thread/post somwhere in here somewhere how to do it with the pump/driveshaft without the tool).

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    I am not using the midshaft bracket like you are. I still have the midwall in-tact and am using the stock yamaha mid-shaft support wall location.

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    i'm confused. you cant get the engine in with the shaft installed or there seems to be an alignment issue between the mid shaft and the pump?

    I do have an alignment plate or 2 left if you need it.

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