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    looking to paint or re gel the bottom of my hull

    bowsniper did a great write up on painting but figure id post since this isnt a normal condition. the hull im using for my conversion had what looked like green marine boat bottom paint. it was very rough and in no way efficient. i started sanding it down just to find what looks like a layer of purple bondo over the whole bottom hull again rough, scuffed and a bit of spider cracks. after 8 hours of sanding with 60 grit i have most of it removed. the previous owner tried to true the hull from what i can figure, theres some repair work that looks like it was done perfect. now heres my problem alot of the gelcoat appears to have been removed and now most of the hull is a dull greyish white.

    now what product should i use to refinish the bottom? i read on bowsnipers post 2 things that are used are "awl-grip or gelcoat" i think gelcoat would be much better but alot harder to work with. im planning on doing the bottom black may consider white but either way i would need a long term solution. i dont plan on ever doing this hull again! i would like to have the bottom done by this weekend

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    AWL GRIP All the way, and your prep is all wrong. I'll get back to you later today how It's done. I have 30 years of SMC, and Fiberglass repairs and race boat building EXP.... GET BACK TO YOU LATER....... OR IF YOU ALREADY DID JOB AND YOUR HAPPY FINE IF NOT LET ME KNOW AND I'LL HELP YOU OUT.

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    well i did it in gelcoat, it came out all wrong im waiting for a gelcoat gun to come and ordered all the stuff to regel the bottom but thanks

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    Good Luck, Hope all go's well.

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