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    2011 RXT X 260 AS or RXT X 260?

    Hello Its been awhile since ive been in the realm of the jet ski world. I have a 2005 RXP with a Stage 2. Now that I have a family Im considering the above mentioned. My question is it worth the extra cash for the AS 260? When it comes to modifying what would be the better model? I primarily ride in ocean. I visited the dealer and this RXT 260 AS is huge. Is it nimble? Or should I just go with a RXP-X? Your guys input will be greatly appreciated. Also how does it stack up to the new Kawi 300. Ive been loyal to the Sea Doos just would like to here a few opinions before I buy one this weekend.

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    The RXT X 260 will be more nimble whereas the AS will be suited for rough water riding. The RXTX will be the best platform for modifying and a great all rounder ski. I have only ridden the rxt 260is and GTX 260is and they soak up the bumps nicely but I still prefer riding my ski overall.

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    I own an iS and have ridden the aS. It was way more nimble than my iS, but to be fair, it's preload wasn't up all the way. I really liked the damping adjustment and wish my iS had that. I ride in both the ocean and protected water and when in the ocean, I raise my deck up all the way. Makes a huge difference. I don't have to stand up most of time and I just go on by people......actually I blow most of them away offshore.... I just wish I had a little more damping, like the aS provides. I think the one major modding issue is the cold air intake, because the deck moves. Based on your riding environment, I would suggest the aS, but you don't know until you try each one out in bigger water.

    Good luck with the search.

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    I have both RXT-X 260 RS and 260 aS. Both are good ski and depend on what u want. aS will provide better comfort but less nimble compare to 260. My Kids love aS much more. I think depend on ocean condition that u ride if it only 2-3 foot wave both of them are fine. But if more than that i would recommend aS.

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