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Thread: rxp waterbox

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    rxp waterbox

    Is there any modifications available for the stock waterbox on the RXP? If so are there any hp gains ? Whats done ? who does it ??

    Just asking.........

    Thanx Guyz....

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    You can open up the waterbox and drill out some of the baffling with a holesaw and clean it up with a dremel. You just need someone that welds aluminum (well) to weld the lid back on it. Fill it with water on a hose afterward and hold it upside down to make sure it air...and water..tight. I'd say the HP gains would be minimal if any since you already have a thru hull exhaust. That's where most of the restriction is in the exhaust system. Getting an after market box can be nice since they usually don't have baffling and are shorter to ease in S/C removal when you have to service it. Either way you go your ski well definitely be loud. Almost obnoxiously loud. So....damn....loud..... lol

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    this is the stuff you need ..intake and exhaust

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