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    15/22r solas prop !!!sold!!!!

    hey guys just have a 15/22r brand new from riva... just cleaning out the garage 150 shipped in the USA shiney and new!

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    PM sent

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    Stupid question but how does this one compare to a Solas 15/20 4-blade? more or less upper RPMs? etc?

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    Pm sent

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    PM sent!

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    hello guys im only in miami for 24hrs hence the urgency to sell before i leave...
    "Dragobrat" has till noon to reply
    "TundraLU" ill call you right after noon if i dont hear from dragbrat
    "speedskixp" its all yours after that....

    either way the prop is getting sold today so ive recieved everyones PM's only replied to a few if these 3 fall through ill put up the next 3!

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    I was going to buy a 15/20r prop from Islandboy last week and he said he didn't have a paypal so he wanted me to send money somewhere else. I told him to send prop and when I got it, I would send payment anywhere he wanted. He agreed, never sent prop, then gave me a story about his friend borrowing the prop and destroying it. Now he has a 15/22r prop for sale, be careful, don't want you to get burned...

    Not saying the story isn't true, things happen, trust me I know

    Since he does not have paypal. He agreed to send the prop first, so if you guys are buying from him, I would suggest you do the same thing. Get the prop, then send payment!

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    i was supposed to sell geo a 15/20 it broke... long story short i ended up with a brand new 15/22.... instead of sending geo a mashed up 15/20 i apologised said i didnt have it any more and that i have a 15/22 but he didnt need it so now it is for sale on hulk...

    sorry for NOT screwing u geo and telling u that the 15/20 was in no condition to sell..... next time i just should!... and yes i dont mind waiting for you to recieve the prop before payment...didnt want to broadcrast it because believe it or not there are crooks on here too waiting for opportunities... thanks geo hope u have a shit day!

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    And thats exactly what I said...
    Just thought I should let people know.
    Looking out for everyone on here...

    You dont happen to have a pic of the prop, I'm sure that would make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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    Thanks for all the interest guys its sold to "TundraLu" sorry for the drama in this post.
    it was suposed to be a FS add .... theres a different section for Buyer Beware etc. please use the forum correctly.

    Just for your warm and fuzzies geo i asked Tundra to post a pic when he gets it to clear any uncertainties u have given my name.

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