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    Exit nozles and Steering Nozles

    I had a problem in yesterdays Bridge to Bridge trying to Turn at WOT. Video shows it at 1:43 seconds. The only way I could get the ski to turn was to back off the throtle turn and power back on.

    Currently running a SD pump, FZR exit nozle with an R&D (round) steering nozle (short style). has anyone else experienced this. Anything up to 3/4 throtle seems ok... but WOT just wont do it. others I know running full SD setups don't have the issue.

    Anyone else with Yamaha nozles on SD pumps experience the same thing?

    Never had this issue at 85mph with the full Yami pump and steering setup.

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    We were running the SD Pump on our GPRXP. Had 79mm nozzle with an extended steering nozzle. Old XP nozzle I think? Was running a wedge, with the pump set back to about 03 onwards gpr spec. Riva trim tabs and Riva Plate running trimmed pretty neutral (flat). Anything up over 92+mph we had no steering. Always had to throttle down to get some steering input. Put it down to having very little boat in the water? Wasn't that keen on changing direction much at that speed anyway!!


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    Mine was firmer turning at Wot then it was at mid throtle ,definaltey not tight though ..that was with hydro's pump adaptor 04 rxp pump and riva pro series exit nozzel 83mm ring no trim steering nozzel screwed direct to exit nozzel standed seadoo steering nozzel over 90 mph

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