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    MSX 110

    I acquired a couple of MSX 110's... one of them the factory says is a sticking waste gate and the other has some kind of electrical issue but both have kind of the same issue, low power at the top end. Anyone have any ideas of a direction I can send the mechanic?

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    Click my signature links and look for the MSX 110 and MSX 150 info.

    Sticking wastegate is common. There are ways to get it working again.

    The Weber turbo engines are highly computer controlled, and it is important to make sure all the sensors are working properly. Overfilling with oil is common, and results in oil contamination of the air intake sensors.

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    missing at top end first make sure your oil tank is not overfull,2nd replace the spark plugs as running them high on oil carbons up the spark plugs,Then if that doesnt do it and you know it had been run high on oil,clean intercooler worked for me!>Marvin

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    Ok, I just got word back from the dealer that was working on these. They said they are hitting about 55 mph on the water with no trouble codes, but they should be hitting 60 mph. They are saying it's a turbo issue. Any ideas?

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