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    Smile Coming soon: R&D Closed Loop Powershot!

    Some really cool news from Glenn at R&D today. He said that they are working on a new Powershot that will include a Oxygen Sensor, so you can set the AFR that you want at WOT. He didn't say when it will become available, but that is some more great news for us using the factory ECU re-programming.

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    The information about the closed loop powershot was not something R&D intended to be released on the forum right now, but I will share some info passed on to my by my friend Bill at R&D which will hopefully help answer some questions you have about the product.

    Long story short, The base tune in the new version Powershot will have a richer base tune which also becomes the default setting. That base tune/default can be custom tuned to whatever that person wants. Also, the closed loop value can be adjusted on the fly. You can ride 10 miles at 12.5, and ride 10 miles back at 13.5 if the rider chooses to do so.

    If the sensor goes bad (which they can and do) the base tune or default can be whatever the user sets it to.

    NO ONE is going to blow up engines because the base code or setup (default) was too lean. The code base will be on the richer side, and again the base and the closed loop can be user defined.

    Also, there is an infrared adapter available that can be purchased separately which allows the customer to receive updates or changes one might need which can be sent via email so that you can load the update yourself. No more sending the powershot back to R&D for an update or code changes.
    Once the product is available I will make an announcement here.

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