Damn, thank goodness I orderred the new Riva charger and the pro kit for clutches. The intake of my charger is chewed to hell from shaft flex. Had to lose power from that. These shafts obviously flex like a hounddog. Theres more coonass for ya shibby.
This isn`t inside of the charger housing,,this is the actual intake of charger. Remember chargers work on ability to compress. I hope and trust this fix of the pro setup will at least help counter this affect. NO CLUTCH will withstand the ablity of motor torque on these shafts. This by design should fix it.
A BIG WHEEL is good,,,so is this phucin Bud Light! Keep it to the hammer boyz.
I`ve also had a few engineer friends look at the shark teeth. These are cats from the marine Industry. One from Trinity Yachts where I use to work. They are all in consensus that their only purpose is instant off throttle. To help with vortex through pump for quick takeoff, After that they are not useless but not as effective.
It don`t matter,,,,,,,,beer is on!