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    seadoo 3-d barrel roll

    can anyone tell me if it'ts possible to roll a seadoo 3-d in the surf? im a little overweight 280 but i think i want to try it. has it been done before?

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    not sure but im guessing its going to be as wild as a ride I had on a 96XP doing a back flip. in the guessing anything is possible especially if a standup can do a double back flip in big surf.

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    I'm guessing if someone can do it with a 1000lb SHO, it can be done on an X2.

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    lol, awsome! I tried a barrel roll on my 96xp on the river (not big waves) i didn't make it. lmao Nabed a wave, flipped, landed upside down. Wooot!! lol I thought about trying it with my rxp-x, but its too big to budge. lol

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    Idk about that seadoo 3-D, seems way tooo heavy.

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