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    1999 Polaris Genesis - Flywheel removal ??

    I have a 99 Polaris Gen ficht.

    I am having a hard time getting the flywheel off. Is there a special puller needed or any tricks i could use? please help

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    I'm assuming the ficht is the same as the rest of the domestics.

    No "special" puller needed. Just your usual flywheel puller will work.

    Normally need to crank the puller down real tight, then add a little heat to help break the bond between the puller and crankshaft. NOT TOO much that you damage the stator or crank seal behind the flywheel though.

    And a sharp smack of a hammer on the puller helps sometimes too.

    Both are done while the puller is under tension.

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    The flywheel can be really hard to get loose.

    As described, a combination of high tension on the puller is the most important thing. Use the 'rope trick' to hold the flywheel from turning while you tighten the puller. Use a good quality puller.

    Leave the flywheel nut in place on the end of the shaft threads so the flywheel doesn't go flying when it releases.

    Once you have it under tension, let it sit for a while. Go back every few hours and add some more torque to the puller. Often just the passage of time under tension will get it off.

    If you are impatient then apply some focused heat around the hub of the flywheel. Try no to cook the area too much as the crank shaft seal is right behind the stator, and the stator is right behind the flywheel. When applying heat remember it could release at any moment, so be careful.

    Sometimes a sharp tap on the end of the flywheel puller bolt (which should already be very tight) will jar the flywheel loose.

    Good luck

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    ON the couple of flywheels I have pulled, a little heat and a few whacks on the end of the puller with a 2lb dead blow hammer did the trick. Wasnt that bad at all

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    Thanks for the help guys

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    hope u got it off, all the post above were great help to me esp. the "rope trick". mine came right off with all the advice given above

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    Heat and a tap from the hammer worked for me as well.

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