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Thread: 2004 fx140

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    2004 fx140

    I just bought 2004 140FX with 87 hours on it -I want to know is there anything I should check or look out for


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    No help for the newbie?

    Any help at all would be great

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    As far as I know they are sound engines so just a good oil change and grease up .... I'm sure someone with a bit more knowledge with this particular ski will be along soon to tell u if u need to check and particular parts...

    All the best and happy riding


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    ive owned one of these, brillaint skis for a runaround, one thing to check for sure are the plugs, have they been changed recently? if not change them. they can seize in the head if not looked at for a while due to the heat, use a small amount of copper slip when installing new ones. do not over tighten them either.
    apart from that look after it and it will look after you

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