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    Smile all 787 /800 rfi water jacket cracking

    So far this year I have had a 99 and a 2000 rfi gtx come in for piston/cylinder issues and compression problems,While boring the cylinders on the 2000 lo and behold I see daylight through the water jacket a hairline crack starting at top of injector port coming down halfway on each side of injector port water jacket I thought wow ,then looking at next one same thing,when running them in water you dont see the water as the engine is tilted and has that large rubber diaper around fuel injectors.Not wanting to weld I ground all corrosion from inside of water jacket on each side of crack about 1/2" then filled crack from inside using 1 hour jb weld and extending it around both sides of injector port as one patch then placed each cylinder flat with injector port down,This allowed a slight amount of the jb weld to come through crack and lock patch in place,dont wipe off excess on outside of cylinder leave it.This solved problem and the engine is running well,lo and behold a 99 comes in with injector problems.wrong it was water spraying on the injectors.same exact problem,hairline cracks in water jackets around top of injector ports.SO IF YOUR INJECTORS LOOK RUSTY AND YOUR RFI STARTS RUNNING FUNNY WITH NO FAULTS SHOWING but might show fuel injector to ground occured either one or both and it might only show occured not active!also if you feel down around each injector with engine running on trailer in the water ,and you touch the injector it will show injector ground occured!<HAVE A LOOK AT THE CYLINDERS FOR CRACKS AROUND THE INJECTOR UPSET MAINLY AT TOP AND 1/2" DOWN EACH SIDE .hope this helps someone who cant get an rfi gremlin sorted out>Marvin
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