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    951 Head Removal

    Recently bought a non-running 2001 RX DI and I just pulled the engine as I'd like to see if anything is salvageable. Was able to get only 5/12 head bolts out intact, kind of surprising as I thought the torx sockets were less prone to stripping bolt heads.... so I cut the rest off, but the head is still firmly stuck. I cold chiseled, pry-barred (I gave up trying to save the head) but it still won't budge. Is it common for these things to fuse together?
    Also what is the approx. cost of a used running engine? Anyone have one - looks like I won't be saving much from the one here haha

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    Welcome to the hulk. Is the motor a rust bucket. The head should come off. I think a motor will costs $800 for a used one to $2500 for rebuilt one. If there is not a hole in the case there are places that will exchange the hold motor and $1600 for a rebuilt one. For some reason the DI motor are allot more. If you switch to a carb motor they are only $1200 and not even sure if they would trade it for one. If you would have to buy new parts for the intake and carbs it would be allot of money. There are some members that will most likely have what you are looking for and have done the switch. Sorry I couldn't help.

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    Been in a similar situation, dropped it into a bath of CRC for a week and it just fell apart, worked perfectly but need to know someone with a CRC bath. Other alternative is to get some heat on the bolts or around the bolt holes . The corrosion from the aluminium against the stainless bolts are holding it on.Heat will help break this bond but will destroy the appearance of the head.

    A good tip is when you rebuild DI engines wipe a little ultra blue silicon under the bolt flanges both in the cylinders and heads this prevents any moisture getting down the threads and causing the same problems.

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    Yeah I did notice a lot of corrosion on the few bolts that did come out clean... The head is trashed anyways so ill have to try some heat

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