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    Wanna Wash My cover

    I've recently got hold of a yamaha cover and there's a few marks on it

    I wanna give it a good clean, any recormendations on doin so would be great as I don't wanna mess it up


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    if it is an o/e cover check to see if its seams are 'wrap over' sewn on the inside..this is called surging ( most t-shirts are sewn this way inside)..if they are, you can actually throw this into a large tumble machine at the laundry mat, on cold,just dont dry it there.. put it on the ski, let it sun can have an interior shop sew those in zig zag so you can machine wash it..other wise a good brush and soap are your best bet with a good rince and sundrying..
    most after markets are surged(both of mine have been) and are machine washable..I have only sprayed and scrubbed my O/E GP cover, its not double seamed or surged.. (you would think for what they cost..)

    some people will then scotch guard the cover once dry ..I dont, so the cover can breath out moisture easy.. (mine are for sun protection here in FL..)

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    cheers for the info mine is a proper Yamaha 2006 cover for my FXHO

    Ill give it a try

    thanks again

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    You can wash the OEM ones, but they recommend doing it in a machine that does not have the center agitator. You can remove them at many laundry mats on the large machines. I had to run mine through twice to get it was really filthy from being stored at a marina. Let it air dry.

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    Any idea what the marks are from? Grease? Rust? You can start by spot treating them before you machine wash either with liquid laundry detergent or whatever product your laundry goddess uses. And as the guys have said, use a machine with no center agitator. If you have access to a front loader, they work the best. Regular wash with a medium to low spin cycle. Don't spin it on high, too much force on the fabric. Don't add liquid fabric softener either. I agree to dry it on the ski. Easy peasy. I've done this many years now with my covers.

    If you have any holes in the fabric, use the iron on patches you can get at a fabric store. I've had the rub rails wear through my older covers at the back corners and have patched them this way. It lasts a few years.

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