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    Question 2001 polaris virage txi stalling/starting problem

    Hi, Im working on a friends 2001 Polaris virage txi that's's what it does...when you put in the water it starts right up and idles fine and takes off fine, when you do a high speed run it runs great, but when you let off the throttle to come back down to idle it will wait a few secs after its idling then die and takes forever to start back up( about 5-10 mins or so)! Compression is good on all 3 cylinders and I'm gonna recheck fuel pump pressure.anyone know what's causing this or had a similar problem? This is the Ficht fuel injected model.where to look what to check? Emm, TP sensor, loose connection?maybe clogged cooling passage to Emm? Any help would be appreciated

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    Could be the TPS - hard to say without further diagnostics. Installing a new or known good TPS is the best and quickest way to determine if the TPS is the problem cause.

    At the moment new TPS are hard to find - we are expecting a new production run at some point, hopefully in the near future.

    If you are riding at speed and keep going, does the engine continue to run properly for a long time? If yes, then overheating may not be the cause.

    If you want to pursue other possibilities you can hook up a simple LED code reading tool and find any stored trouble codes. Details can be found in my signature links.

    Fuel pressure is worth checking. Fuel pump is electric with a mechanical pressure regulator, so electrical problems can intermittent cause loss of pressure. And sometimes the actual pump motor just gets weak. If the mechanical pressure regulator fails (falls off inside the tank) then pressure is permanently reduced.

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