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    Lowering stock sponsons

    has anyone lowered or dropped the stock sponsons on their rxp or rxpx, if so how do u do it, is there any how to guide, i have heard a few people doing this, any good results


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    To lower the sponsons all you need to do is to take them off mark the hull directly below the original holes, drill them out and then re-mount the sponsons. You will need to seal the old holes with waterproof sealer. I would put masking tape on the hull so it easier to mark the hull and it will also help when drilling to stop the drill slipping.

    For recreational use I would take them down 20mm, for more aggressive cornering I would take them down 25mm do not take them lower than 23-25mm.

    To make the job easier you will need someone to hold the other side of the bolt inside the hull. You will also need to take the rear top deck of the hull so you can get in.

    Should not take more than around 2 hours do.

    IMO they are better than the Riva units when lowered. Most of the UK racer do this. I am not sure if anybody has ever done any kind of tutorial but if so I am sure someone will jump in and post a link or give there thoughts on this modification.

    Once you have done this then comes the hard part which is to hold on as your ski will corner and grip like never before. Works even better if you have also swapped the intake grate .

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    thanks, a lot of great info there!

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    Will this give you more speed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tocullo View Post
    Will this give you more speed?
    No! If anything it'll scrub some speed. This is mainly a mod for CC guys, where top speed isn't a big factor.... but turning hard is.

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