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    2000 SLX bogging


    New to this site and to jet skis. I bought this 2000 slx and it ran AWESOME for the first 3 times I took it out...went through a whole tank of gas. I added more fuel. Now it starts fine and idles fine. As soon as I give it gas it bogs down...does not stall. My MFD does not work and has not worked for years according to the previous owner. I put new spark plugs in it...checked the cylinder pressure...checked and cleaned the fuel separator. I added seafoam just in case. I also add ethenol treatment to fuel due to lack of ethonal free fuel in the area. The choke only causes the ski to stall when used. Any other suggestions?

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    Unplug the connector on the back of the MFD. Dead MFD can cause strange running problems. See if problem goes away.

    What were the readings for cylinder compression? All spark plugs out, throttle held wide open.

    Have you looked inside the electrical box yet? All clean and dry in there? Disconnect battery negative cable before messing with the electrical box.

    Note: Seafoam doesn't make these engines run better. Makes no useful difference as far as I can tell.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

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    Great....thanks for the welcome. Will do as suggested above. Will get back to you on compression data. I took the steering cover off this morning and see the MFD is still connected. I will be removing it immediately and trying it out.

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    Just wanted to say that something runs great again. Now.....I took the MFD out (was cracked bad) and now the little hose sprays water all in my face when I ride....can I just plug that hose up or does it need to flow water? Thanks

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    THats the hose for the speedometer. You can plug it if you want to.

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