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    First POST !!! Joining the VXR Party......

    Hello guys!

    I had to create an account and get in on all this VXR talk. I purchased mine about 2 months a ago and haven't been able to stay off it since i got it! I have bout 20 fun hours on it and every time I pull out of the garage I get butterflies! I was torn between this and a 2010 FZR and glad this site helped me make the right decision.

    My Ski has only seen salt water and I have had plenty of time to try it out in all situations. I've taken it out out on windy days on purpose and jumped waves in the Clearwater Pass near sheppards and hauled Ass at top speed over the flats in glass like conditions. The high point was when I running with some FZRs and Seadoo 215's and across the flats and they couldn't catch me. Granted they may have went 100% but they knew what time it was and they tried.

    No problems experienced so far with it other than the mirrors retaining some water sometimes. I changed my own oil and plugs so far and it was easy to save the money. I see what other people are doing with the aftermarket parts and that's coming next payday. I think I'm going to start with the waterbox and free flow exhaust out the back first, then to the cold air intake. Any suggestions on where to start would be great! I 'm new to aftermarket Ski parts and not sure if there is an " order of operations" for parts. I'm curious if anyone has tried Gas at 89 or 93 in their VXR and how the results were. I've only used 87 ( yamaha recommended for the VXR) and get tired before my tank runs out and saves some pennies. More to come in the future!

    One Proud VXR Owner,


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    Welcome to the site!

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    welcome to the forum!
    Youve already found out what a fun ski the Vx is-enjoy it.
    Get the R&D resonator block off from Jerrys store right here (use coupon code GREENHULK for 10% off) and follow R&D's install instuctions. $8 and the same benefit as the Riva freeflow without the annoying drone!
    Also get the Riva or R&D ribbon delete while your at it-$40. That's just $50 to give you 85% of what- $750 your thinking of spending! Stick a R&D power filter on for $125 as well and enjoy! (Riva cold air will give a tad more that's for sure).
    My mirrors held some water, but ive stuck the Riva mirror block off's on and they don't do it anymore!

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    Thanks Goose ! I will look into those parts now. That's sooo cool about the 10% discount.....

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    Definitely stick to the 87octane unless you go with a reflash- and even then I'm not sure you need to step up to 89octane like you would on a SC engine.

    Welcome to the forums

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    Welcome Joe and congrats on your new VXR.. Enjoy that bad boy and let the mods begin.

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    Hi Joe, welcome to the forum and congratulations on that VXR

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    stupid question, what is the ribbon delete ????? i rode a VXS today at the rive show, and yuuuup, i'll be buying one as well !!!!!!!!

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    should have looked it up before i asked............

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    Dont do the r&d filter go with the Riva cold air, imo its the only way to go. I ordered the riva cold air,storage bucket,manifold upgrade kit,and free flow exhaust.Cant waitto put em in. . Ps when ordering from this site when you get to the coupon page type in greenhulk for 10% off your order.

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    VXR's R U L E !

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