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    Advent cdi helpppp!!!

    hey guys, ive put a post here because i cannot post in the classifieds until ive posted 25 or more posts im urgently trying to find an advent cdi to suit triples on a gp1200r. ive found somebody to help me with the jetting and hopefully found prok filters, just need the cdi... anybody got one for sale? or know of anybody, help is appreciated cheers all...

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    I understand you want to get a CDI urgently but by making a post like this you are breaking our board rules.

    its not hard to get your post count up, just help a few people out with questions they have, surely if you are building a triple pipe ski you will be able to offer advice to others with the same model ski as your own.

    please be patient, there are a lot of advents out there and you will find one in time.

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