Hi guys,

I'm in the wrong section but it seems to be more alive in here so thought I would put this here.
I have an ultra250 with a full motec harness and m800 (just got the ski) and in checking the map out there is very little compensations or warnings setup in it at all.
And being a full open boat it has no gauges or warning buzzers at all. This scares me abit as I dont want to run low on fuel and be leaning out due to low fuel pressure or have low oil pressure or high engine temps cook the thing due to blowing a water line off.

So apart from the compensation tables which I will configure once I put it together and get some normal running data, I have a theory but not to sure if it will work.

Here we go, If I configure the warning lo and hi settings on each sensor (eng temp, fuel press etc) to the desired warning levels, and then turn on an Aux out for a warning light.
Then use the aux out in the rpm limit table to drop the rpm limit to say 4000 if the aux output is on.

Do the warnings/alarms show up in the data logging if you are watching the diagnostic error channels (as an actual warning not a diagnostic error), so I can then read a log and pin point which one failed at the exact time, especially if more than one did.

Any ideas on if this will work or not would be great?
Or has someone already done limp mode/s differently?

I would just prefer to drop the rpm because then I will know something is seriously wrong and cant push the engine any harder rather than having the engine try and compensate for everything (will still configure comp tables as well tho).

p.s Does anyone know if the motec MDD (mini dash) is waterproof?