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    New PWC Owner Help

    Hello, I am new to the PWC world. I just picked up 2 1999 Yamaha GP1200 very cheap. Each only have 50 hours on them. I have been browsing through the forums and random searches on google, but it has made me question a few things.

    Before I take the waverunners out, should I install a set of wave eater clips, d plates and cat sensors...or is this something that needs to be done only on the GP1200R?

    What else, if anything, should I do?


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    The 99 GP's don't need any of those things. They are only for the power valve engines. Some things to check on the 99's are:
    Inspect all the oil lines for loose lines or cracks. double clamp all oil lines. Many engines have fried due to oil lines coming off. One of mine cracked but I caught it before damage was done. Have the carbs rebuilt by reputable mechanic. If the skis porpoises at all you will need to tune the ride plate. Easy to do there is a lot of info on here about it. Do searches on the old school section of this forum. Lots of great info.

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