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    Thank you yamaha for the free upgrade (2009 fzr to 2011 fzr)

    I have been dealing with a cracked pump fiberglass housing on my 2009 FZR for over a year now. I missed all last summer as the unit sank last June and was repaired by my dealer and returned in September. Launched 3 weeks ago and and all the repaired fiberglass gave in in less than a minute and sank the unit once more. After dealing with Yamaha this whole time and demanding a new unit, they decided to replace the unit at absolutely no cost to me. I know it sounds great, but it really sucks to miss an entire summer!! I hope this one holds up, or else I will drop Yamaha like a bad habit forever and I am so biased towards yamaha, so keep your fingers crossed! Have a good summer and race on!

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    Glad you are getting a new ski. I have only heard of only 3 FZ skis with the pump tunnel crack (all on this forum) and 1 of those was from removing the pump support bracket. Good luck and enjoy this summer!

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    I don't think so. Apparently my 2009 unit was one of the first 3 built and the epoxy/glue wasn't strong enough in the pump fiberglass housing like it was supposed to be. This is the explanation I received from Yamaha. They compared the fiberglass housing on my 2009 compared to that of a 2011 FZR and noticed that it wasn't nearly as strong as a 2011. Hopefully it holds up. Anyone else with the problem contact me and I will get you the people you need to talk to, so you can get yourself a free upgrade!! Thanks

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    A whole summer down the drain they should give you 2 fzr's 1 for you and one for me! lol enjoy bro

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