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Thread: Battery issue??

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    Battery issue??

    About to take out the ski in the morning for the first time in months, I went to test it and it wont start, just thump, nothing. It's probably the battery im thinking? How long do these typically last? I have only 31 hours on this 08 rxp-x i bought in 09. If I jump it, how long can I run it/charge it without it being in water? Any advice would be great


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    Dont think about even trying to attempt! I did and well new starter was the outcome! these things dont like low batteries at all I suggest a slow charge overnight or you can take the 800 somewhat dollar risk!

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    Should get about two years out of a battery if maintained

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    Mine is 5 years old and works great on my 06 RXP but I got an extra one standing by when it decides to go.

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    A good quality factory sealed AGM type battery (which is NOT the stock battery type) will last for years. The Greenhulk store sells the Odyssey brand, and there are other good brands of AGM battery.

    The typical lead-acid battery can last for several years if it is very well maintained, never allowed to run flat, and never overcharged. Typically a lead-acid battery self-discharges (just from sitting) in a month or two, and every time it gets discharged that shortens the remaining battery life.

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