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    Reward for stolen red Yamaha PWC $5000__ Miami area

    My jet ski was stolen and I want it back. $5000 reward to whoever returns my ride, no questions asked.
    I have YES and do not want to pay taxes again. Its worth a shot.
    Obviously I do not want to get a lot of BS emails, so you will have to include model in your reply if you are for real.
    This is what you need to know:
    Stolen from a canal behind a building in Bay Harbor Islands the night 4/27-4/28
    $5000 cash, no questions asked.
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    Everybody knows everybody here. If you buy it from the perpetrator I do not care. You get my $5K

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    What model and year. Do you have the VIN numbers or a pic of the Ski???

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    Hin: Usyama3141d808

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    This is definitely a good investment:

    Especially in the Miami area, I plan on running one on my ski. Very cheap insurance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by redyamahaski View Post
    Hin: Usyama3141d808
    Problem with that hin is that they don't use your hull, the cops will probably find that dumped a few months from now. And a new GPSHO will be the result of all of this. Sad but that's the reality down here in South Florida.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redyamahaski View Post
    Hin: Usyama3141d808
    Engine serial number?

    The selling dealer should be able to provide all the traceable numbers, including the ECU.

    And the dealer or Yamaha may be able to mark those numbers in the computer system so if the engine or ECU shows up for service later at any authorized dealer it will be flagged as stolen.

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    I will get the engine numbers and post them. I am getting very frustrated now. I will offer this reward for the return of my PWC for a few more days.
    After that I will double the reward for any info leading to the capture of the leader of the theft.
    I know there were at least two of them. They were riding around the area two nights before around 10pm. A neighbor saw them.
    I will promise a free pass to the little guy and $10k for the arrest of the leader if I do not get the ski back in 1 week. My kids loved that jet ski, they are scared now and I am pissed.
    I have the means, the patience and the determination to do this.

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    Man im sorry for you loss, good luck.

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    Becoming a victim of theft is a horrible experince.

    For the price and yearly fees of that GPS unit, You might as well get comprehensive insurance.

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