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    charging system problem

    Does anybody know how to check the stator and magneto on a 2005 RXT with having the seadoo 5 pin connector tool?

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    You don't need that 5 pin deal..... do all three of these checks on the stator with a good multi-meter!

    1. Check resistance between all 3 yellow stator wires, unplug stator and check 1-2, 1-3, 2-3
    ohm readings should be between .1 - 1.0

    2. With the engine running, stator unplugged test the 3 wires in the same three sequences mentioned above.
    Set your meter for AC voltage, you should see 24 VAC on all three readings.

    3. Set your meter to ohms, and attach the ground lead to a solid engine ground.
    Check all three yellow wires for resistance to ground, there should be no resistance to ground.

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