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Thread: GP1200 Crank

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    GP1200 Crank

    How many Hrs are we getting on the Crank on the GP1200. I have one boat with close to 200 Hrs. I have replaced a clyinder. Between Wisco pistons & me running it too lean.
    Whats a Crank worth? I see one on Ebay "brand new Hot Rods crankshaft"


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    You can use an 1100 crank too. (they are $180 on Ebay)

    Just swap out the front bearing.

    I am sure hours expected depend on the type of useage.

    With 200 hours, I would send it out to be rebuilt.

    The best crank is a OE Yamaha.

    Don't know a whole lot about the Hot Rods cranks or the bearings that they use.(which is critical)

    Are they welded?

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    Hot rod cranks are junk

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    Thats the kind of info i need. I will keep my eyes open.

    Thanx guys

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