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Thread: XP for fishing

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    XP for fishing

    I know the answer I think but figured I'd ask anyway.

    I'm looking at getting a jet ski that will at most be 60/40 pleasure/fishing. I reallywant a sea doo as that is what I have always ridden in the past and am somewhat familiar with the ride capabilities. Last skis I rode regularly were an 01 Rx di and 01 XP, might have been a 2000.
    I remember them as being equal in speed but the XP being very tipsy at low speeds I.e. Trolling speeds.

    Are there any differences in the later year XPs that helped with low speed handling? I LOVED the way the XP handled and how fun it was, also really liking the RX though it was definitely second.

    Should I sacrifice the fun aspect for the stability of the RX/RXP? Or just go with it?

    Also considering a yami gp12/13 or fx Ho but again would prefer sea doo

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    When it comes to fishing I wouldn't recommend an XP. Stability can be overcome with enough time spent on it. Storage is going to be your real problem. Where are you fishing? Why not get a little Dingy or inflatable to fish off?

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    Reason for the ski as fishing are two. First being I don't know how much I'll fish regardless as I am unfamiliar with fishing this area and even climate. Grew up on the gulf coast of Texas and find myself on the Chesapeake in Maryland. Whole different ball game up here.
    Second is the trolling option.

    And I guess thirdly because it seems like a challenge that will also be fun

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    I fish offshore on my RXT. Wouldn't try it on anything smaller. If it's flat its easy, but once it gets to 4 foot waves it starts to become unpleasant. Personally I would stay away from the yami gp and gpr boats if you want stability.

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    I fish off the back of the RXP occasionally. It is big and stable enough. You just need to be careful.

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    Thanks for the replies so far guys.
    I wouldn't be going offshore, mostly sticking to the Chesapeake and maybe up the mouth of Potomac.
    I have been searching for a rx but haven't found the right one. Unfortunately I'm trying to keep budget small which of course makes finding a good ski a bit harder

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    Juan, personally I'd go w/the 3 seater platform (I fish off the RXT): I fish exclusively inland and the RXT is great for storage and comfort. You might want to check w/jetskbrian, too. He fishes damn near everyday and he's somewhere in your area (relative to mine). I know he's usually on his large SUV, but I seem to rem. him having a smaller ski also.

    You can usually find us PWC fishing guys here:

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    Thanks gator. I've seen jetski Brian and the things he's done. I'd always pondered this ever since I last used to ride regularly but always thought I was just weird. Good to know others are like me and have been pioneering it for a while

    I know a 3 seater would be best but I was kinda wondering more if it's doable from the XP. I just don't know how much I will actually fish from it and am trying to gear it towards what I will be doing more often. Then again with the XP means the wifey won't be able to ride with me, which could be either good or bad.

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    On calm water you can stand on the back on the RXT and it's amazingly stable and you can't beat the huge 52 gallon storage (at least on the 05 models) up front. The only reason to go with a smaller 2 seater in my opinion is to jump waves and/or attempt to impersonate a stunt man....or if you are looking to go as fast as possible. Just my .02 cents.

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